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Shuk de Moldes 2016 el domingo 10 de julio

Vuelve el Shuk de Moldes, feria de super descuentos donde encontrarás precios hasta el 70% menos que en el mercado.


Domingo 10 de julio de 2016, de 9 a 17 hs

Moldes 2440, Buenos Aires

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Jewish trip to Argentina. Sample itinerary by KosherLat Valeria Duek

Day 1- Day of Departure
 Departure from your country to Buenos Aires

Day 2-Early arrival EZE international airport in Buenos Aires
·         Transfer with city overview by deluxe air-conditioned bus
·         Welcome Dinner at local restaurant
·         Overnight Buenos Aires

Day 3 - Buenos Aires
Breakfast at the hotel
·         Orientation City Tour: Plaza de Mayo, the City of Buenos Aires and the Historical and political center of the country- Cabildo (the colonial House of Government), Metropolitan Cathedral (current pope’s Church) with the only Memorial in honor of the victims of the Shoah inside of a Cathedral anywhere in the world. Casa Rosada -the Pink House the official presidential residence and government  headquarters, The Congress Building - El Congreso, is quite impressive, El Obelisco - the Obelisk is a memorial monument that has historical facts related to the Argentine history engraved on each of its four faces.
·        Lunch in a famous Pizzeria of Buenos Aires - Guerrin, on Avenida Corrientes known as the Broadway of Buenos Aires. 
We will explore La Boca area with its open arts fair, and its famous Caminito street. 
Then, we will visit San Telmo, the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Return to hotel and get ready for Shabbat 
·         We will attend a Traditional Kabbalat Shabbat Services and Shabbat Dinner at Libertad Street Synagogue, the oldest congregation in the country.
·         Overnight Buenos Aires

Day 4 Buenos Aires 
·         Breakfast at hotel
·         Shabbat Services and lunch with the congregants of Benei  Tikva Temple, which is located in Belgrano neighborhood.
Benei Tikva Congregation´s chief Rabbi is Abraham Skorka, the friend of the current Pope who accompanied him in his visit to Israel in May 2014.
·         The rest of the afternoon at leisure.
·         Our suggestion is for you to visit Palermo Soho.
This is a Buenos Aires super-barrio that simply can’t be ignored.
Palermo Soho district blossoms on weekends. Stores with avant-garde design, exquisite cafes and fancy restaurants will make your journey more enjoyable. Nowadays is the preferred spot for fashionable travelers in Buenos Aires. This neighborhood, once a run-down place full of warehouses, factories, and tiny, decaying homes as recently as 15 years ago, has been transformed into one of the city's most chic destinations. Once you walk through Palermo Soho and begin to absorb its charms - cobblestone streets, enormous oak-tree canopies, and low-rise buildings giving a clear view to the open skies, you'll start wondering why it had been forsaken for so many years. You will find a variety of art galleries, independent designers’ shops, the most hip restaurants and bars and the latest trend night clubs.

Other suggestions in the area (Palermo district):  Japanese Garden, MALBA Museum.

·         We will meet at 19.00 in the lobby to enjoy of a Tango Class at Tango Porteno (do not panic: it is for beginners!)
·         Dinner and Tango Show at Gala Tango (lessons before Dinner)  Enjoy of one of the best tango Galas in Buenos Aires. Tango Porteno is
in prime location, on Avenida 9 de Julio and next to the obelisk of Buenos Aires. The venue use to be a theatre which was refurbished.
Live orchestra and over 20 dancers on stage will give you the best of the tango experience.
·         Overnight Buenos Aires

Day 5 - Buenos Aires 
·         Breakfast at hotel
·         We will visit Estancia Santa Susana (Argentinean Ranch) and enjoy of a BBQ Argentinean Style (full day)
Gaucho day from Buenos Aires: Santa Susana Ranch
Experience a ‘fiesta gaucha’ (gaucho party) on this full-day tour from Buenos Aires to Estancia Santa Susana, a traditional ranch in the Argentina countryside. Loosely translated as the South American version of cowboys, gauchos are residents of the Argentina plains, and at Santa Susana, they offer a fun-filled day of ranch activities, horseback rides, a traditional folk show, a BBQ lunch, wine and a performance of their fantastic horse-riding skills.
·         Highlights
Day trip from Buenos Aires to Estancia Santa Susana, a ranch in Los Cardales
Go horseback riding or take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage
Enjoy a delicious Argentine BBQ lunch accompanied by wine
Watch a tango and folk music show and see gauchos perform with throwing weapons
Be entertained as the gauchos show off their horse-riding skills
Back to the hotel.
Dinner on your own
·         Overnight Buenos Aires

 Day 6- Exploring Jewish neighborhood 
Breakfast at hotel
·         We leave the hotel at 9.15 sharp. Due to the strict security measures of the Jewish institutions and synagogues visited you will need to hold your original passport.
·         Morning tour of AMIA (Jewish Federation of Buenos Aires, founded in 1894,bombed by terrorists in 1994,including a Memorial by the renowned Israeli artist –Agam in honor of the 85 victims of the attack) . The AMIA continues to serve as a center for a multitude of cultural and community events.
·         Visit to the Sephardic Synagogue of Lavalle Street, which was built in 1936.
·         Continue to the bustling neighborhood of ONCE known as the Lower East Side of Buenos Aires, while not a particularly picturesque neighborhood, it is certainly a historic one for the local Jewish community.
·         Lunch at local restaurant 

·         Visit Recoleta districts, one of the most fashionable, lively places in all Buenos Aires. Visit the tomb of Eva ”Evita” Peron in the local cemetery.
·         Colon Theatre guided tour:  a cultural icon of Buenos Aires, this beautiful theatre is the biggest in the southern hemisphere. It was constructed during 1889 and 1908 by Vittorio Meano. It was inaugurated with Guiseppe´s Verdi´s Aida. Third in size behind the opera houses of Paris and Vienna when inaugurated, was voted as the best acoustics for opera before La Scala of Milan. Strauss, Toscanini, Stravinsky and Von Karajan conducted here, Callas, Caruso and Pavarotti sang here, as Nijinsky, Nureyev and Fontayne danced in this mecca of the arts.
·         Back to the hotel at 17.15. Getting ready for dinner.
·         We leave the hotel at 18.45
·         Dinner at Argentinean Meat restaurant  - Activity Argentine Experience: cook your own empanadas, have a great meat dinner and prepare your own alfajores!
·         Overnight Buenos Aires
Day 7 - Buenos Aires
·         Breakfast at hotel
·         We leave the hotel at 10.30
·         We will take a guided visit to Evita Museum. Eva Peron is a key controversial character in the recent History of Argentina. 
·         Lunch on your own.
·         We will meet again at the front door of the Evita Museum at 13.45.
·         In the afternoon, we will visit Marshall T Meyer Latin American Seminary, founded in 1962 by Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer Z"L, it is the academic, cultural and religious center of the Jewish Conservative Movement (Masorti) in Argentina and Latin America. The main objective of this Seminary is to form and ordain rabbis to spread and perpetuate the Jewish religion in Latin American communities. Since its foundation, 83 rabbis have graduated, including 8 women. They all perform their duties in different communities of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, San Salvador, Uruguay, Venezuela, United States, and Israel.
·         Visit Anne Frank museum in Buenos Aires, located in the Belgrano neighborhood, and was officially opened on June 12th, 2009, on the occasion of Anne Frank’s 80th birthday.  In the museum, the Centro Ana Frank features several rooms that are modeled after the famous hiding place in Amsterdam.
·         Back to the hotel 
·         Dinner at Cafe Tortoni
The cafe is one if the oldest and most prestigious in Buenos Aires. Argentina's best poets and thinkers often met with their peers that had fled from the Spanish Civil War in the beginning of the century. Playwrights like Benavente and Garcia Lorca philosophers like Ortega y Gasset made Tortoni their "home".  The Cafe had its own jazz cellar, pool room as well as a tango program. 
·         Overnight Buenos Aires

Day 8  Buenos Aires 
·         Breakfast at hotel
Free day for your leisure
·         Dinner 
·         Overnight Buenos Aires

Day 9 - Buenos Aires 
·         Breakfast at hotel
·         Free day at leisure
SUGGESTION: A great way to learn more about this marvelous city, exploring the areas which interested you the most.
·         La Boca the oldest, most colorful, and most authentic neighborhood in Buenos Aires.
La Boca is partly an artist colony, and mostly a working-class neighborhood.  The most famous street in La Boca is called Caminito (little path), and is the center of tourist activity in the area. The street is commonly shown on postcards for its multi-colored houses. Many artists also show off their work (handicrafts, antiques and silver goods).
·         Lunch local restaurant on your own
·         Continue to  San Telmo and spend the rest of the day there with the opportunity to dine on one’s own, one of the oldest and most picturesque cities in Buenos Aires, Step inside the diverse array of shops, antique stores and open-air flea markets along the cobblestone streets of San Telmo.
·         Recoleta quarter is definitely another interesting option. You will find tango dancers, musicians and other artists on the streets.. Recoleta handicraft fair is the best in town. 
·         Explore Puerto Madero, the site of the new restaurants, shopping and entertainment area in Buenos Aires. This area was first used for storage by the docks, but ten years ago, was transformed into the modern hotspot that it is today. Enjoy a walk around the marina and take a break at one of the numerous outdoor cafes and restaurants.
·         Walk along Florida Street, the side streets to discover the hidden shopping treasures of the city.

Transfer to the EZE international airport for your flight home at 4.00pm
Optional extensions: El Calafate, Mendoza, Bariloche, Salta and Iguazu Falls.
Additional nights in Buenos Aires available.

We plan tailor-made Jewish Heritage trips for congregations, high-schools, families and individuals according each client interests and needs.

For more information and pricing, please contact

Check our website for additional information

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Exposición itinerante de Ana Frank en la Usina del Arte de Buenos Aires

"Que me dejen ser yo misma"

La exhibición cuenta con imágenes y objetos originales de la casa en la que Ana Frank y su familia se escondieron durante la ocupación nazi en Ámsterdam.

Ana Frank fue una niña judía que, durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, tiene que esconderse para escapar a la persecución de los nazis. Junto con otras siete personas permanece escondida en la 'casa de atrás' del edificio situado en el canal Prinsengracht n° 263, en Ámsterdam. Después de más de dos años de haber estado ocultos, los escondidos son descubiertos y deportados a campos de concentración. De los ocho escondidos, solo el padre de Ana, Otto Frank, sobrevive a la guerra. Después de su muerte, Ana se hace mundialmente famosa gracias al diario que escribió durante el tiempo en que estuvo escondida.

"Que me dejen ser yo misma y me daré por satisfecha". Ana Frank escribió esta frase en su diario el 11 de abril de 1944. Para entonces, llevaba casi dos años escondida en Ámsterdam. Ana soñaba con convertirse en escritora y periodista una vez terminada la guerra.

La Usina del Arte de Buenos Aires funciona en castillo florentino construido por el arquitecto Giovanni Chiogna para albergar la ex Ítalo Argentina de Electricidad.

La exposición finaliza el 31 de julio de 2016.
Gratis, en la Usina del Arte
Agustín Caffarena 1,
Esquina Av. Pedro de Mendoza, La Boca.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Travel: Top 10 Things You Should Never Pack

It’s vacation time again, so pull out your bag and start packing. But first check out this list of ‘do not pack’ items. It could save you time, trouble and money.

By Rick Seaney

This will help you avoid fees for checked-bags, overweight baggage fees and other packing problems.

1. Irreplaceable items

Never pack valuables. Just don’t do it. Stuff get lost, things get stolen, items get broken. Tip: Most airlines state that valuables are not allowed in checked bags, so don’t count on getting reimbursed for your good jewelry if anything happens to your bag. If you must bring those diamond earrings, either wear them or keep them in the hotel safe.

2. Anything valuable without your name or number on it

Airline, airport and security lost & found rooms are filled with expensive electronics that are difficult to reunite with owners because the owners cannot be found. Make it easier to get items back – either by jotting down device ID numbers or attaching temporary tags (even a business card) that includes your contact information including phone and email. Even better, hang on to these devices so they don’t get lost; always keep them on your person. Always.

3. Gifts of alcohol (or any liquids)

We are not the Prohibition Police; on the contrary, bringing a bottle of wine for your host is a lovely gesture. However, pack it in a carry-on and security will confiscate it (you can only bring liquids in containers that hold a mere 3.4 ounces). You could pack it in a checked-bag, but then you run the risk of it breaking and Pinot Noir + Summer Whites = Disaster. Buy bottles at your destination, or if you must, ship such gifts ahead along with other bulky or fragile items.

4. Regular size shampoo or sunscreen

Even if you’re checking a bag, big or even regular size shampoos, conditioners, sun screens, hand lotion, face creams – they’re all enormous space-eaters – plus they add weight and fees for overweight bags can run as high as $200. If you’re staying with relatives, help yourself to their stuff and do the same for them when they visit you. If staying at a hotel, many already give you such items for free or you can ask for them at the front desk. If you must have your own brand, shop a big box drugstore on arrival.

5. Blow dryers

Hair dryers are standard bathroom fixtures in even the cheapest motels these days (and you can always call to confirm or check the hotel/motel website). Visiting family? Bet they have some of these lying around. Save the space in your bag for something more important like souvenirs.

6. Old-fashioned books

I love love to read and I love books, but I also like packing as little as possible so when traveling, I load up various devices with books (and movies and TV shows). It’s time to stop thinking of our mobile devices as phones; they are our libraries, our maps, our flashlights, our guide books, our translators, our everything. Do NOT forget to pack the charger cord!

7. More than two pairs of shoes

This is just a guide so if you need three pairs of shoes, go for it but here’s what I recommend: One good pair of walking shoes (these can range from sneakers to Top-Siders or comfortable moccasins) and women might also want something a bit dressier such as a flat or low-heeled sandal that’s good-looking but can still be worn for a certain amount of walking (if you’re in Europe, you will walk a lot). I’m not anti-shoe but footwear takes up a lot of room and weight in baggage. Suggestion: Wear one pair, pack one pair. Pack shoes individually with a bag on each to protect clothing.

8. Too many outfits

Unless your last name is Kardashian and you feel you must placate the paparazzi with a new outfit several times a day, do not stuff your suitcase with clothing. Avoid ‘maybe’ outfits as in, “Maybe I’ll wear it.” Unless you know you’ll wear it – and know it looks good on you and know it’s comfortable – forget it.

People far more fashion-savvy than I am advise us to pack clothing of similar colors so everything can be mixed-and-matched. 

9. Excess cash and cards

Don’t travel with more than two credit cards and carry them in different places (or have spouse or friend hold the other) so that if one goes missing, it’s not the end of the world. Do record your card numbers somewhere and make sure someone back home has this info so you can report it in the even of loss or theft. Don’t flash a lot of cash, either; you’ll only make yourself an inviting target for thieves or scammers.

10. A large suitcase 

If I can travel to Europe for ten days with a carry-on, I’ll bet you can too. But if you must bring a big bag, surely it can be shared. Example: A family of four packs two checked-bags instead of four which saves $100 round-trip in bag fees on many airlines. Bet you could put that money to good use on your vacation.

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Este concurso es convocado en forma conjunta con la Cámara de Comercio argentino israelí y el Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología de la Nación.

A inicios del presente mes referentes diplomáticos israelíes y
funcionarios argentinos acordaron el lanzamiento del programa
“Israel Innovation Awards 2016”. Esta segunda edición es una iniciativa de la Embajada de Israel en Argentina y la Cámara de Comercio Argentino Israelí, realizada en conjunto con el Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Productiva de la Nación y el Sistema Federal de Medios y Contenidos Públicos.

El concurso busca estimular y difundir proyectos innovadores creados por empresas radicadas en nuestro país que creados por empresas radicadas en nuestro país que desarrollen procesos, servicios o productos aún no disponibles en el mercado. Los proyectos deberán tener foco en los procesos de transferencia de conocimientos y tecnología, aplicados a productos y/o procesos que mejoren la calidad de vida de la sociedad.

Cabe destacar que podrán participar del concurso empresas PyME y los proyectos que tendrán más potencial para ganar serán aquellos que produzcan conocimientos aplicables a una solución tecnológica cuyo desarrollo alcance una escala de laboratorio o equivalente; desarrollen nuevos procesos y productos a escala piloto o de prototipo y modifiquen procesos productivos que impliquen esfuerzos relevantes de ingeniería.

El Concurso, que premiará a los emprendedores innovadores con proyectos en PyMES; se articula en dos categorías:

·        Mujeres emprendedoras sobre temáticas de TICs (Tecnologías de Información de la Comunicación) y Tecnología Audiovisual;

·        General con preponderancia en: la agroindustria, energías limpias, electromedicina y equipamiento médico-hospitalario y tecnologías del agua.

Como premio, el ganador de cada categoría obtendrá un viaje a Israel, que incluirá pasaje y estadía; con el diseño de una agenda especialmente diseñada en función de las necesidades de su proyecto.

La convocatoria cierra el día 15 de Julio de 2016

Para más información, visite

Cámara de Comercio Argentino Israelí
Tel: 4372-6273

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Gala de Idish Zamir 2016

La alegría del Idish
Gala de Zamir 2016

30 de junio de 2016
Comunidad Dor Jadash
Murillo 661
Buenos Aires

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Borges y la Shoa. Curso en el Museo del Holocausto de Buenos Aires

Del 27 de junio al 1 de agosto de 2016
A cargo de Alejandro Droznes

Formulario de inscripción online

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Zubin Mehta en Buenos Aires 2016 a beneficio del Hogar Ledor Vador

Zubin Mehta y la Orquesta Filarmónica de Israel
22 de agosto de 2016 en el Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, Argentina
A total beneficio del Hogar Ledor Vador.
Entradas anticipadas al 4566-2120/2123/2150

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

24 DIAS, La Verdad Sobre el Caso Halimi. Cine en el Martín Buber

El jueves 16 de junio de 2016 se proyecta "24 DIAS, La Verdad Sobre el Caso Halimi" en la Escuela Martin Buber.
El horario de la función es a las 20hs.,
Dirección: Armenia 2362, Buenos Aires
La entrada es gratuita, con inscripción previa en, o llamando al

A continuación, los detalles de la película.

24 DIAS, La Verdad Sobre el Caso Halimi
(24 jours)
Francia, 2014
Director: Alexandre Arcady
Protagonizada por Zabou Breitman, Pascal Elbé, Jacques Gamblin, Sylvie Testud y Éric Caravaca
Duración: 110 min
Hablada en Francés, con subtítulos en Castellano.

En el mes de Enero de 2006 Ilan Halimi, 23 años, recibe la llamada de una mujer invitándolo a encontrarse. Concurre a la cita. Lo siguiente que su familia sabe de él es un pedido de rescate por una suma de dinero que no poseen ni podrían llegar a juntar. Se inicia así “una de las películas más inquietantes y políticamente astutas producidas por Francia en el último decenio” según la influyente revista cinematográfica Screen Daily. Basada en el libro escrito por la madre de Ilan, Ruth Halimi, la adaptación cinematográfica nos inmersa en la tensa experiencia que vivió la familia entre las demandas de dinero a cambio de la vida de Ilan y la esperanza de que la policía logre salvar al joven secuestrado. Durante 24 días el caso fue tratado como un secuestro más, ignorando el sesgo antisemita del mismo, al que puede considerarse como el inicio de la oleada de antisemitismo que asuela a Francia desde entonces, y que no deja de crecer a pesar de tratarse de la 2ª comunidad judía más poblada en la diáspora -o por lo menos lo era antes del movimiento migratorio que se ha iniciado en los últimos años. Un film imperdible por su impecable realización que equilibra sabiamente el suspenso y la reflexión ideológica.

Ganadora del Premio Mejor Película en la Sección “La Experiencia Judía” en el Festival de Jerusalén.

Ganadora del Premio del Público en el 13º Festival Internacional de Cine Judío en la Argentina, FICJA.

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