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Ruach Hadarom: An Anthology of Congregational Synagogue Melodies from Latin America (Volume I, Shabbat)

Ruach Hadarom:  An Anthology of Congregational Synagogue Melodies from Latin America (Volume I, Shabbat) Compiled and Edited by Argentinean Hazzanim Ari Litvak and Gastón Bogomolni.
After 4 years of full research, compilation, edition and transcriptions, this book promises to be a best seller and a “must have” among your collection.  It illustrates a gamma and a variety of diverse composers from Argentina to Mexico.  This first volume (Shabbat) contains about 200 new and fresh melodies all composed by Latin American composers.  In addition the book offers thorough articles on Jewish History in Latin America, the origins of the Conservative movement, its synagogues and music.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Found in translation: Cantor Elias Rosemberg performing a great tango

Cantor Elias Rosemberg, born and raised in Argentina, is the cantor of Temple Emanuel of Newton (MA).  A group of over 30 congregants joined him in a Jewish Heritage trip to Argentina in 2012.

Enjoy this great tango, "Por una cabeza", performed by Cantor Elias. Un TANGAZO!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Reviews about KosherLat Valeria Duek 2016

Hi Valeria:

Bob and I (and our friends the Mandels) enjoyed touring with you.
Your extensive knowledge and enthusiasm of your dear Buenos Aires helped make our  trip more meaningful.  Bob and I did get to the magnificent Opera House.  We even heard part of a dress rehearsal.  This is a gem.

Best regards.
Bobbie Palter, MA USA

We had the best time with Valeria,
She helped us with all our arrangements -from the taxi to the hotel , meals , tours, hotel. to a private tango lesson.

Everything was perfect!!!
Thank you, Valeria 

Naomi Klinger, NJ, USA

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kosher Tango in Buenos Aires

Naomi Klinger, a modern Orthodox business woman of New Jersey, mother of four, came to KosherLat with very specific requests for her one week family trip to Argentina on January 2016. "I know my people", she kept saying.
Among the services requested, the Singers wanted a private tango lesson on motzei-Shabbat. Valeria Duek, the director of Kosherlat, knows the best tango dancers in town to teach tango for beginners in a fun, easy and very enjoyable way.

Trinidad Solar and Claudio Strang are international teachers of tango. Both have traveled the world teaching and performing Argentine tango. Countries visited as dancers and teachers include Finland, Korea, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Israel, the United States, and Italy. Working closely with the students, their intention is to provide each student with the best instruction, giving real importance to the critical elements of tango.

Claudio and Trinidad are native to Buenos Aires and both began studying tango in 1995 with renowned masters of traditional tango.
The tango class took place in the traditional “porteño” neighborhood of Boedo.  The barrio is known for its influence in tango culture and its cafes were important meeting places for writers and musicians.

Trinidad and Claudio include pictures, a video of the class and Kosher snacks.

Enjoy the video of the Klingers tango class and begin dreaming of yours.

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ISRAEL: StarAppNation en Barcelona 2016

Israel está nuevamente presente en Barcelona para el “Mobile World Congress” que tendrá lugar del 22 al 25 de Febrero de 2016 presentando una gama completa de soluciones de avanzada para carriers, proveedores de contenido, app stores y usuarios.

El Pabellón de Israel ubicado en el hall 5 D81;F81;E81;C81y E71, será el lugar donde se concentraran las 65 empresas de Alta Tecnología Israeli, presentando las soluciones más novedosas para las comunicaciones móviles.

Este año estamos mostrando ISRAEL: StarAppNation, nuestra propia tienda de aplicaciones con las aplicaciones móviles más populares y fascinantes de Israel. Los visitantes podrán experimentar en vivo estas aplicaciones en nuestro pabellón.

También, en el Pabellón de Israel encontrará destacada infraestructura y soporte de hardware y software que permiten la conversión eficiente a redes LTE, optimizando y virtualizando la performance de los sistemas anteriores, maximizando así los ingresos de los operadores.
Además, se exhibirán una amplia variedad de soluciones verticales destacándose los sectores: cibernético, saludo, educación, transporte, ciudades inteligentes, domótica y muchos más.
Para mejorar la funcionalidad y la utilidad de teléfonos inteligentes, se presentaran terminales con microchips avanzados y software; incluyendo contenidos atractivos, roaming y tecnologías de nube.

Comenzá la visita a MWC 2016, ingresando a Israel Mobile Innovation, donde se pueden encontrar la oferta de las compañías.

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